Sobota, 7.10.
19:00 – 21:00
prispevek 10 Euro
info: joga.soba@gmail.com
Prijav ni!
We are very happy to offer a Kirtan in Izola, Slovenia.

During a Kirtan we sing Mantras together. Mantras are tools for the mind to become more calm and peaceful. 
The beautiful thing with singing together is that we can easily feel connected with each other. 
The beautiful thing with Mantras is that we don’t really need to be able to sing to join a Kirtan. 
Just like we don’t need to be flexible in order to start Yoga practice.

There are three ways to practice meditation with Mantras:

  • Loud, focusing on the sound of the mantra, the sound vibrations in your body, your breathing and the feeling of the mantra in your mouth, lips and tongue.
  • By whispering or humming more concentration is needed, but it is said to be even more powerful.
  • Saying the Mantra silently in the mind only. This is actually the most effective way, but also the most difficult.

During a Kirtan we practice the first way, we chant the Mantras with our voice. And we use the group energy to make it an even more powerful experience. 

Renée and Boris have been offering Kirtans for many many years now, and they are very happy to come to Slovenia to sing together.

About Renée Sunbird:

Renée was first introduced to Yoga by her father. Some years later she studied Indology (Sanskrit) and Philosophy at the University of Vienna and started to practice Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. She went to India several times to deepen her Yoga practice and started to study Indian music, Mantra and Bhajan singing. Renée has released three albums with Mantra music and there is a Kirtan almost every month in their Yogacenter Ganesha in Vienna (ashtanga.atreneesunbird.com).

About Boris:

In the yoga tradition, direct energetic transmission is regarded as the superior teaching method. Studying with Boris, one has the chance to understand why and how. As a lifelong practitioner and student of yoga, Boris embodies and vibrates the teachings that he has been learning to love since he was a boy. He loves singing Mantras and doing the Kirtans together with his wife Renée and the Children.
For him Kirtan is the easiest way to experience the message of Yoga!