Sobota in nedelja, 4th-5th September 2016 
10h - 13h, 15h do 18:39 / 10.00am to 1.30pm, 3pm- 6.30pm
170 Euro (zgodnja prijava do 3.7. / early birds before Sunday 3rd July), po tem datumu / after 200 Euro
Mesta so omejena. Spaces are limited.


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During this 2 days workshop we will explore concepts of Dynamic Alignment, Strength and Flexibility, to widen the experience of our Yoga practice, prepare the body to new movement possibilities, and promote a safe and playful practice. 

We will take time to get to know a bit better the wonders of our Spine, Pelvis and Feet, learning how to nurture their movement potential in a safe way, how to unblock restrictions (breaking old/ineffective movement patterns) and how to build resilience in the body/mind. We will play with notions of Experiential Anatomy as well as technical exercises drawn from different training system, to support an embodied Yoga practice -one that comes from a felt sense of self rather than externally imposed forms.

This workshop is open to all levels of yoga practitioners as there will be something juicy and tasty for everyone!!

If you are currently taking care of an injury please drop me an email (centredmind@gmail.com) to make sure this workshop is suitable for you.

Come, explore, learn and have fun!


I’m a London based Movement Educator, Therapist and Artist. I’ve spent collectively 20 years studying, researching, practicing and teaching movement in different forms. After studying Performing Arts in Italy I moved to London to train and work as a Physical Theatre Performer. I met Yoga in my Theatre years, I loved it… then hated it, when I gave my self a knee injury that nearly costed me surgery. For years I could not face stepping back on the Yoga mat. I became a certified Pilates Teacher, and continued my studies of Anatomy and Physiology for movement. Slowly through my Meditation practice I found my way to Yoga again, and to Thai Yoga Massage. I had to learn that movement comes from the inside and real strength lye in our ability to be resilient. I’m also a practitioner of Contact Improvisation and avid explorer of all movement things!

My ongoing research is a constant quest to understand the beauty of the body in movement, improve movement performance and establish a ground for creativity and playfulness in everyday life. In my teaching I like to combine the solid ground of anatomical knowledge and the ethereal field of sensations, my aim is to provide tools for a safe an efficient practice, one that reflects each one of us individual needs, and allows us to constantly push ourself outside our comfort zone.


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